CSCI 1230


Welcome to CSCI 1230!

Lecture: Tues & Thurs 10:30am -- 11:50am, location TBD (lectures recorded for remote async participants)
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This course offers an in-depth exploration of fundamental concepts in 2D and 3D computer graphics. It introduces 2D raster graphics techniques, including rasterization and simple image processing. The bulk of the course is devoted to 3D modeling, geometric transformations, and 3D viewing and rendering. C++ and the graphics library OpenGL are used during the course, as is shader programming on the GPU. The final project is typically a small group project spec'd and implemented by the group to create special effects.


The official prerequisites for CSCI 1230 are CSCI 0150/0160, CSCI 0170/0180, or CSCI 0190. CSCI 0330, because it uses C, is very helpful but not strictly required. CSCI 0320, for its software design, is additionally helpful but not required. Some familiarity with C++ will be helpful, but help sessions and extra support will be offered to students who don't have any prior C++ experience. Some knowledge of basic linear algebra (i.e., vector and matrix multiplication, dot and cross products) may also be helpful, but none is required or assumed.